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Chairman’s Speech

Chairman’s Speech

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   It is the sacred mission of Fangyuan people to “create wealth for society, and value for customers”, and it is the ambition of Fangyuan people to
become the “creator of sustainable values”. Over the past thirty years, Fangyuan people have made unremitting efforts to achieve the goal!
  Time has witnessed the diligent and progressive footprints of Fangyuan people, and recorded their serious and down-to-earth working style; the fruitful
achievements have highlighted Fangyuan people’s operation concept: “be prepared for adversities in times of peace and never feel contented with what
we’ve achieved”. It has also displayed the corporate spirit of Fangyuan, “challenge ourselves and be enthusiastic and press on”.
  In the past thirty years, Fangyuan people have gone through a road to success full of competitions, challenges, and hopes. At the same time, it has
formed a characteristic corporate culture, standardized concept of operations, and strong senses of innovation and crisis. These valuable assets are the
secret for Fangyuan’s successes and the foundation for their sustained and healthy development. Let us work together to create values and share our growth!